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Air Vent Garmin
Fred A. Owens
Worth it!!!!

Never going to look for another because I have the best now!

Air Vent Garmin
Anthony Floyd
Works as described. Held Garmin GPS and is very sturdy. Just what I was looking for.

Easy to install and simple to use. Does not block air flow. Great product.

Air Vent Garmin
Gregory M. Peppers
Awesome and convenient!

So convenient and sturdy!

Air Vent Garmin
Michael Whitmire
Finally a Mount the works!

I have a Gamin nuvi 2797 GPS that is a 7" unit and I have been using various cellphone vent holders that have not been ideal. This very simple mount is a perfect solution for securely holding this large GPS to the center vent of my 2017 Camry.

Air Vent Garmin
Charles P. Fritts
great product

wish i found this sooner for my garmin gps

Air Vent Garmin
Miguel Chase

Works at my work space!

3-in-1 Tablet Holder
Joshua Kratz
Perfect for holding a tablet

Bought this for my work truck to hold my tablet as I drove to each stop to deliver packages and it works perfectly. Keeps my tablet out of the way of my center console and hardly shakes throughout the day.

3-in-1 Tablet Holder
Leandro Videira do Monte
Very Stable

Its Great for the price!

3-in-1 Tablet Holder
Scott Hunter
Mobile movie theater!

Installed in 2007 Kia Rondo. Lenovo Smart Tab M10HD. Made mistake at first as seen in picture and mounted to the top part of my dash that is smooth but it has a small con curve. The adhesive pad is not flexible and needs a completely flat surface to adhere to. The space in front of my dash clock has a ledge that allows 80% or more of the pad to be on it so I took the original pad and reused it on the completely flat area and have had no issues with it losing adhesion even after I removed and reapplied it, and have left my tablet mounted several nights overnight. We have had days of 40 degree weather changes here in upstate NY. No issues. If you feel you won’t be so lucky, do what I did and purchase 3 additional adhesives for back up. Locking system for tablet is super simple and strong and really it sits very good while driving. I love it, turned my old car into a mobile movie theater for me and my daughter whenever we go places or if I want to relax, I find myself hanging out in the car so much now.

3-in-1 Tablet Holder
Yohn D. Furr
Very good product

Perfect for my truck

3-in-1 Tablet Holder
Kevin L. Miller
Tablet Holder

So far so good. Have a latest generation iPad mini mounted in my sierra for a better looking GPS and audio. Feels sturdy and the fittings seem nice. Wish there was some more articulation but it worked out well enough for me

These are good Dashboard Mounting Disks by Ranconcept

I was on the fence about trying these on my 2 vehicle dashboards, figure the gorpo weight would just make the pads just come off. So far so good, they work. You must prepare your dash before applying the disks, use a good rubbing alcohol and plenty of it and get all the grease and grim out of those pores. You should wait a good 48 hrs. before attaching the suction cup mount to the disks, to make sure the disk pads adhere to your dash.


I used these to mount Oxo grab bars in my Airstream trailer. They hold perfectly to the pads and the pads hold to the laminate. I remounted one grab bar and was able to remove the pad with no damage.

Works great!

The 95mm was really bigger than what I needed but it's good in case I upgrade my GPS in the future. I followed the instructions and cleaned the dash well first. Then, I used the alcohol wipes before applying the disc with the double sided tape. I let it set for a full day before using. Very easy to install and use. I use a few drops of water on the suction cup before I apply it. I've been on some really bumpy roads in my freightliner and the gps hasn't fallen off. It's a 7 inch Garmin dezl.

OTR Truckers must have device!

So far so good I followed instructions (cleaned area, applied disk, added weight (jar of pennies), waited 24hrs, attached my phone mount. Its installed in my 2020 freightliner cascadia and has been great so far. It's been in 100+ outside temps and still holding strong.

Great Product.

Using this in the dash in my Kenworth. So far so good. It's holding a 10.5 tablet with mount for GPS.