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Mission & Vision

We leverage modern technology and advanced tech research to create inventive products that improve and simplify your driving experience. To be a reliable resource and trusted provider of versatile interior car accessories for every driver globally.

Our story

 Founded by a car enthusiast and avid driver, we realized at times, a driver needs more than a good or luxurious car or truck to have a great driving experience – it is the accessories that allow you to access everything you need, while ensuring you keep your hands on the wheel. With this realization, we set out to provide vital accessories to solve varying pain points of driving and give every driver convenience, concentration, and peace of mind while driving.



About us

Our brand name is derived from the letters R&D, to mean Research and Development, with a concept that convenience products can offer comfortable and easier life, thus the name “Randconcept”.  Our aim is to provide innovative, premium quality car essentials that efficiently satisfy the needs of daily and long distance driving.

Based in Hong Kong, Randconcept utilizes modern technology and blends it with our excellent craftsmanship to fine tune essential car products with creative designs to enhance the lifestyle of car and truck drivers.



We Offer

Initially, we started with only a handful of common mounting products and accessories. However, we have stayed true to our founding idea of research and development, and evolved to offer a diverse range of niche products adapted to the emerging needs of drivers. 

To offer comfortable and easier life for you, we provide a wide range of products, including tablet holders, mask hanger hooks, air vent hanger, sun visor tissue holder, cell phone mounts, GPS accessories, and more!






Why Us

From the structure, design, and material selection, we screen every piece with great attention to detail, and a clear vision of finding the comfort and convenience products for every driver. Further, we test each of our products rigorously before releasing them to the market to ensure their unquestionable suitability to the needs of different drivers.

So far, we have established a remarkable reputation for our emphasis on quality, proactivity, and deliberate efforts to create a strong, professional relationship with our customers. We intend to keep this reputation, and most importantly, be one step ahead of our customer’s needs, always.